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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Bacteriology & MycologyМелешко, Тамара Вадимівна; Ляшина, Катерина Віталіївна; Баті, Вікторія Віталіївна; Бойко, Надія Володимирівна; Meleshko, Tamara; Liashyna, Kateryna; Bati, Viktoriia; Boyko, Nadiya
2021-06Biologically Active Substance Content in Edible Plants of Zakarpattia and Their Elemental Composition ModelMeleshko, Tamara; Rukavchuk, Roman; Buhyna, Larysa; Pallah, Oleksandra; Sukharev, Sergii; Drobnych, Volodymyr; Boyko, Nadiya; Паллаг, Олександра Володимирівна
2020-08Creation of lactobacilli based pharmabiotics for individual prevention and treatment of infectious-inflammatory diseases of the human urogenital systemMeleshko, Tamara; Babenko, Lidia; Мелешко, Тамара Вадимівна
2020-04-30Extracts of pomegranate, persimmon, nettle, dill, kale and Sideritis specifically modulate gut microbiota and local cytokines production: in vivo studyMeleshko, Tamara; Pallah, Oleksandra; Petrov, Viktor; Boyko, Nadiya; Паллаг, Олександра Володимирівна
2019Food products database: transnational application problemsBugyna, Larysa; Pallah, Oleksandra; Meleshko, Tamara; Bati, Viktoriia; Nelya, Koval; Nadiya, Boyko; Паллаг, Олександра Володимирівна
2016Human microbiome and personalised nutritionMeleshko, Tamara; Bati, Viktoriia; Koval, Nelya; Buhyna, Larysa; Levchuk, Olga; Boyko, Nadiya
2022Individual microbiota correction and human health: programming and reprogramming of systemic and local immune responseMeleshko, Tamara; Pallah, Oleksandra; Boyko, Nadiya; Паллаг, Олександра Володимирівна
2021Microbial and immune markers of patients with metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases: Perspectives for early diagnosticsMeleshko, Tamara; Boyko, Nadiya; Petrov, Viktor; Falalyeyeva, Tetyana; Kobyliak, Nazarii
2023Microbiome and ObesityFalalyeyeva, Tetyana; Kobyliak, Nazarii; Korotkyi, Oleksandr; Meleshko, Tamara; Sulaieva, Oksana; Hryshchenko, Iryna; Domylivska, Liudmyla; Boyko, Nadiya
2023Personalized Microbiome Correction by Application of Individual Nutrition for Type 2 Diabetes TreatmentMeleshko, Tamara; Boyko, Nadiya
2021Personalized Nutrition for Microbiota Correction and Metabolism Restore in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus PatientsMeleshko, Tamara; Rukavchuk, Roman; Levchuk, Olga; Boyko, Nadiya
2020-08Personalized pharmabiotics and individual nutrition for nosology specific correction of microbiota and local immune system biomarkersMeleshko, Tamara; Rukavchuk, Roman; Drobnych, Volodymyr; Boyko, Nadiya; Мелешко, Тамара Вадимівна; Рукавчук, Роман Олександрович; Дробнич, Володимир Григорович; Бойко, Надія Володимирівна
2023Preclinical data support the strong specificity and advertising ability to control the immune reactions at mucosal sitesMeleshko, Tamara; Pallah, Oleksandra; Boyko, Nadiya; Паллаг, Олександра Володимирівна