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dc.contributor.authorМельниченко, С.В.-
dc.contributor.authorКудлай, Т.В.-
dc.identifier.citationМельниченко, С. В. Готельні оператори: конкурентоспроможність на національному ринку [Текст] / С. В. Мельниченко, Т. В. Кудлай // Науковий вісник Ужгородського університету : Cерія: Економіка / редкол.: В.П. Мікловда, В.І. Ярема та ін. – Ужгород: Вид-во УжНУ «Говерла», 2016. – Вип.1(47). Т.2 – С. 171–175. – Бібліогр. : с. 175 (9 назв).uk
dc.description.abstractУ статті запропоновано результати аналізу конкурентоспроможності підприємств готельного господарства, що є членами готельних мереж як міжнародного, так і національного рівнів. Наведено методичні принципи визначення конкурентоспроможності міжнародних і національних готельних операторів на ринку готельних послуг через побудову радара конкурентоспроможності, що дозволить графічно відобразити конкурентні позиції операторів на ринку. Ключові слова: ринок готельних послуг, готельний оператор, готельна мережа, конкурентоспроможність.uk
dc.description.abstractWith the instability of economic and political environment the further development of national hotel business became considerably complicated. However, network enterprises, both in international and national levels even in the conditions of economic instability, were able not only to operate stably, but also to expand its activity on territory of the country. The purpose of the article consists in the analysis of the activity as well as international representatives of hotel business and hotel services market of Ukraine and national operators, in particular in determining their competitive positions. The development of hotel business in the last decades is dynamic and profitable enough and is characterized by the high degree of capital internationalization and international character of its operations; and the economy growing catalyst, as far as support the channel of redistribution of profits between countries. The specialization of hospitality enterprises intensification is interconnected with hotel networks formation which act the considerable part in high standards of service development and advancement. To determine the competitiveness of the hotel operators on the Ukrainian market of hotel services is reasonable to use a graphical method of assessment, namely the competitiveness radar. The resulted stages and method of construction of the competitiveness radar are used taking into account the specifics of hotel operators functioning. It was proposed three levels of parameters for the construction of the competitiveness radar of international hotel operators which work at the domestic market of hotel services under the terms of the contract management. In order to determine the competitive position of hotels which are the members of international networks were chosen the hotel operators conducting the activity at the domestic market of hotel services in terms of the management contract and defined groups of parameters for the construction of competitiveness level estimation. To the selected parameters was assigned the significance that in total makes the unit and will reflect the part on the polygon. Thus, the competitiveness radar, based on the definition of scale and the operators activity indicators, the parametric indexes and the integral coefficients calculation to determine the competitiveness of national and international hotel operators, which allows to identify the competitive advantages of hotel enterprises the members of national market of hotel services. Keywords: hotel services market, hotel operator, hotel chains,
dc.publisherВидавництво УжНУ "Говерла"uk
dc.subjectринок готельних послугuk
dc.subjectготельний операторuk
dc.subjectготельна мережаuk
dc.titleГотельні оператори: конкурентоспроможність на національному ринкуuk
dc.title.alternativeHotel Operators: Competitiveness at the National Marketuk
Appears in Collections:Науковий вісник УжНУ Серія: Економіка. Випуск 1 (47) Том 2 - 2016

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