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dc.contributor.authorСтароста, Володимир-
dc.contributor.authorКроутіл, Ян-
dc.contributor.authorБенеш, Людвіг-
dc.identifier.citationStarosta V.I., Kroutil J., Benes L. Preparation and Fundamental Physical Properties of Sn2SbS2I3 and Pb2SbS2I3 Сompounds // Сrystal research and technology. Volume25, Issue12 (1990). P. 1439-1442uk
dc.description.abstractThe oriented ingots of isostructural compounds Sn2SbS2I3 and Pb2SbS2I3 were prepared using a modified Bridgman method. The lattice parameters of the prepared orthorhombic compounds have been determined by a X‐ray powder diffraction analysis. From the spectral response of the photoconductivity the following values for the forbidden zone of the prepared sulfides‐iodides were found: Eg(Sn2SbS2I3) 1.5 eV, Eg(Pb2SbS2I3) = 2.0
dc.subjectмонокристали, фізичні властивості, фотопровідністьuk
dc.titlePreparation and Fundamental Physical Properties of Sn2SbS2I3 and Pb2SbS2I3 Сompoundsuk
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