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Title: Симптоматична епілепсія при дуальній скроневій патологі. Аналіз клінічного випадку.
Other Titles: Symptomatic epilepsy in dual temporal pathology. Case report analysis
Authors: Студеняк, Тарас Олександрович
Чомоляк, Юрій Юрійович
Сечко, Олександр Сергійович
Кондратський, В
Цьома, Євгенія Іванівна
Keywords: Епілепсія, Нейронкологія, Дуальна патологія, Хірургічне лікуванян епілепсії, Клінічний випадок
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Studeniak T. Symptomatic epilepsy in dual temporal pathology. Case report analysis / Y. Chonolyak, O. Sechko, V. Kondratskyi, E. Tsoma // Archiv euromedica – 2018. – 2 (8). – 121-123.
Abstract: Dual pathologies are quite often observed in patients with epilepsy during neuroimaging. In a study by V. Salanova et al. 37 (15.4%) of 240 patients with lesional temporal epilepsy had dual pathology presented on MRI. Several other authors (S. Eriksson et al.) report the prevalence of dual pathology from 5% to 30% in pharmacoresistent temporal epilepsy. In most cases seizure semiology as well as data from interictal and ictal EEG help to identify pathological process which causes seizures. However, in some cases one pathology might disguise another, thus clinical data and results of other additional investigation methods might direct a clinician the wrong way. This article is dedicated to one of those clinical cases.
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Publication type: Стаття
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