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2000Population density of B2 – state of mercury monobromide and monochloride in excimer radiation sourceCuivan, M. M.; Malinin, A. N.; Shimon, L. L.
2000Nonresonant mixing of metastable levels of Ba atoms by laser radiationBondar, I. I.; Suran, V. V.
2000Studies of the bile crystallization structure for patients with liver pathologiesKurik, M. V.; Siksai, L. T.; Bandurin, O. Y.
2000Hyperspherical approach in few-body systemsHaysak, M. I.
2000Further development of the classical electrodynamical model of atomSimiluk, V. M.
2000Excitation of laser transitions from the 4d95s2 2D5/2,3/2– levels of Cd+ion in electron-ion collisionsGomonaj, A. N.; Imre, A. I.; Vukstich, V. S.; Hutish, Y. I.
2000Three-photon spectroscopy of neutral samariumGomonaj, A. I.; Kudelich, O. I.; Nemeth, A. N.
2000Peculiarities of slow electron scattering by Si-p (100) surfaceFeyer, V. M.; Popik, T. Y.; Shpenik, O. B.
2000Doubly-charged ions formation during multiphoton ionisation of Ba atomsDudich, M. I.
2000Cross sections for slow electron scattering by cadmium atomsCherneshova, I. V.; Kontros, J. E.; Shpenik, O. B.; Szoter, L.
2000Total electron excitation cross sections for low-energy autoionizing states in lithiumBorovik, A. A.
2000On the configuration mixing effects in the excitation of ZnII and CdII lines at electron-atom collisionsBogachev, G. G.
2000RHEED and EELS investigation of Pd/Al bimetallic systemMoroz, V.; Matolin, V.; Masek, K.
2000Controlling of the thermal stress in the multiple quantum wells using magnetophonon spectroscopyTomaka, G.; Shergii, E. M.; Cebulsk, J.
2000Absolute differential cross sections for electron scattering in nitrogen in the angular range from 120° to 180°Mielewska, B.
2000Measurement of cross section of superelastic electron scattering from magnesiumShafranyosh, I. I.
2000Study of direct and resonance processes in collisions of electrons with atoms and ionImre, A. I.
2000Thermostimulated luminescence and X-ray luminescence in undoped Li2B4O7 single crystalsPuga, P. P.
2000Electron impact excitation of nitric oxideOlsezewski, R.
2000Elastic cross section calculations for electron scattering on polyatomic molecular targets: XY4 (X = C, Si, Ge; Y = H, F, Cl), XF6 (X = S, W, U), C2F6 and C6Y6 (Y = H, F)Mozejko, P.; Zywicka–Mozejko, B.; Szmytkowski, C.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 37
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