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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Functional state of the thyroid gland in case of gestational diabetes mellitusЛеміш, Наталія Юріївна; Бобик, Юрій Юрійович
2019Functioning of colour terms in ukrainian and english literary texts: similes and syneasthesiaLukianets, H. H.
2018Functions and concept-category apparatus of sociology of social workShandor, Fedir; Шандор, Федір Федорович; Bartosh, Olena; Бартош, Елена
2019Functions of innovative entrepreneurship in the business activity in the regionТізеш, Павло
2020Functions of introductory constructions in the literary text in azerbaijan languageIsayeva, R.
2000Further development of the classical electrodynamical model of atomSimiluk, V. M.
2015Further results on the investigation of solutions of integral boundary value problemsМаринець, Катерина Василівна; Ронто, Микола Йосипович; Варга, Яна Володимирівна
2020Fused bicyclic 1,2,4-triazoles with one extra sulfur atom: synthesis, properties and biological activityMikhailo V. Slivka, Natalia I. Korol, Maksym M. Fizer
2018Fuzzy mathematical modeling financial risksПоліщук, Володимир Володимирович; Маляр, Микола Миколайович; Шаркаді, Маріанна Миколаївна; Волошин, Олексій Федорович
2018Fuzzy Method for Evaluating Commercial Projects of Different OriginПоліщук, Володимир Володимирович
2017Fuzzy model of project evaluation for financing in modern condПоліщук, Володимир Володимирович
2010Galícia és Kárpáti UkrajnaVehes, Mikola; Tokar, Marian
2010Galícia és Kárpáti UkrajnaВегеш, Микола Миколайович; Токар, Маріан Юрійович
2020General scientific approaches to defining the functions of the constitutional mechanism of state powerShatilo, Volodymyr
2018General social prevention as a priority direction of human trafficking preventionAndrushko, Andriy; Андрушко, Андрій Васильович
2012Generalized plane waves for Schrödinger and Dirac particles on the background of Bolyai–Lobachevsky geometry: simulating of a special mediumOvsiyuk, E.
2020Generation of neutrons on Microtron M-10Martyshychkin, Vasyl; Haysak, Ivan; Okunev, Olexander; Fradkin, Olexey; Katovsky, Karel; Holomb, Robert; Anhelina, Tanchak
2015Generic representations of free boxesOvsienko, S. A.
2021-01-13Genome diversity in UkraineOleksyk, Taras K; Wolfsberger, Walter W; Weber, Alexandra M; Shchubelka, Khrystyna; Levchuk, Olga; Patrus, Alla; Lazar, Nelya; Castro-Marquez, Stephanie O; Yaroslava, Hasynets; Boldyzhar, Patricia; Neymet, Mikhailo; Urbanovych, Alina; Podoroha, Olena; Stakhovska, Viktoriya; Malyar, Kateryna; Chervyakova, Svitlana; Medley, Sarah; Rodriguez-Flores, Juan L; Kovalchuk, Natalia; Zhou, Weichen; Smolanka, Volodymyr; Battistuzzi, Fabia; Liu, Ryan; Hou, Yong; Chen, Siru; Yang, Huanming; Yeager, Meredith; Dean, Michael; Mills, Ryan E