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Title: Стратегічний і програмовий методи розвитку транскордонного співробітництва у ХХІ столітті
Other Titles: Strategic and programming methods of the development of trans-border cooperation in XXI century
Authors: Балян, А.В.
Keywords: Україна, Європейський Союз, транскордонне співробітництво, стратегія, програма, метод, регіон
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Видавництво УжНУ «Говерла»
Citation: Балян, А. В. Стратегічний і програмовий методи розвитку транскордонного співробітництва у XXI столітті [Текст] / А. В. Балян // Науковий вісник Ужгородського університету : Серія: Економіка / редкол.: В.П. Мікловда (гол. ред.), В.І. Ярема , Н.Н. Пойда-Носик та інші. – Ужгород: Видавництво УжНУ «Говерла», 2016. – Вип. 1(47). Том 1. – С. 28–36. – Бібліогр.: с. 34–36 (22 назви).
Series/Report no.: Економіка;
Abstract: У статті обґрунтовані основні принципи і методи реалізації транскордонного співробітництва України з країнами Центральної Європи, членами Європейського Союзу. У статті надані теоретичні та юридичні європейські аспекти транскордонного співробітництва України. Здійснено аналіз українсько-польського, українсько-угорського та українсько-словацького транскордонного співробітництва в контексті використання стратегічного і програмного методів. Ключові слова: Україна, Європейський Союз, транскордонне співробітництво, стратегія, програма, метод, регіон.
The article of fundamental and applied sources concerning creation and functioning of strategy and conceptions are made, the approaches to the definition of the notion “strategy” in economic science are analyzed in the publication. The actual condition and problems in the sphere of trans-border cooperation’s programming methods are elucidated. The author’s point of view regarding definition strategic planning of this denomination is suggested. The generalized model concerning the formation and usage of principles and mechanisms of strategic planning of the trans-border cooperation in the context of European integration enlargement. The ways for improvement and the perspectives for development of strategic planning of the trans-border cooperation concerning the practice of regional administration purposely achievement of the regions. The author investigated on a wide range of sources and scientific literature the formation and development of Ukraine's trans-border cooperation with Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland on the basis of strategies and conceptions. Special attention has been paid to the experience of SWOT analysis in the development of Strategy of trans-border cooperation. The author substantiates the theoretical basic of the implementation of the euro-regional trans-border cooperation in whole and analyses the specifics of the modern innovative development. The article considers theoretical and juridical European aspects of the trans-border cooperation. The author has offered a new structure of Ukrainian–Hungarian, Ukrainian-Slovak, Ukrainian-Polish relations in trans-border level which allows to understand the reasons and consequences of changes in relations better, to look after the basic tendencies of the Ukrainian – mutual relations with Central European countries. Perspective directions of trans-border cooperation between Ukraine and Central European countries are SWOT analyzed too. In the article the theoretical and methodical approaches to the substantiation of the role of trans-border cooperation of regions are researched. The basic levels of stimulating trans-border cooperation in the region are determined. The necessity of maintenance of the system approach to the management of trans-border economic cooperation in the region is reasoned. Attention has been paid to problem questions, finding ways of solution, identifying perspective directions in the bilateral relations, such as Ukrainian-Polish, Ukrainian-Hungarian, Ukrainian-Slovak trans-border cooperation. Analysis of the role of principal actors of trans-border cooperation in the European Union. Of particular importance are the author’s remarks on the role of scientific method in the development of strategy and concepts of trans-border cooperation in the context of participation or non-participation in the border region in the European Union. The methodological basis and principles of the rise of the trans-border cooperation are considered at the article: decentralization, adicionalism, partnership, programming, and subsidiary. Conclusions section presents and substantiates the author’s main findings and perspectives in this theme. Keywords: Ukraine, European Union, trans-border cooperation, strategy, program, method, region.
Type: Text
Publication type: Стаття
Appears in Collections:Науковий вісник УжНУ Серія: Економіка. Випуск 1 (47) Том 1 - 2016

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