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Title: Суть понять «стратегія» і «тактика» в економіці
Other Titles: Nature concept «strategy» and «tactics» in the economy
Authors: Кальницька, Марина Анатоліївна
Гангур, О.Ю.
Keywords: економіка, управління, бізнес, стратегія, тактика, місія
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Видавництво УжНУ «Говерла»
Citation: Кальницька, М. А. Суть понять "стратегія" і "тактика" в економіці [Текст] / М. А. Кальницька, О. Ю. Гангур // Науковий вісник Ужгородського університету : Серія: Економіка / редкол.: В.П. Мікловда (гол. ред.), В.І. Ярема , Н.Н. Пойда-Носик та інші. – Ужгород: Видавництво УжНУ «Говерла», 2016. – Вип. 1(47). Том 1. – С. 140–145. – Бібліогр.: с. 144–145 (18 назв).
Series/Report no.: Економіка;
Abstract: Стаття присвячена висвітленню одних із найбільш значущих категорій в розвитку економіки – бізнесу - «стратегія» і «тактика». Проаналізовано всі плюси і мінуси в застосуванні цих понять в бізнесі. Автори акцентують увагу на розкритті сутності таких термінів, як «стратегія», «стратегія управління», «місія», «тактика». А також визначено ким і коли вперше були застосовані ці поняття. Ключові слова: економіка, управління, бізнес, стратегія, тактика, місія.
The article is devoted to one of the most important groups in the economy - business - a «strategy» and «tactics». Analysis of the pluses and minuses of using these concepts in business. The authors focus on the attention of such terms as «strategy», «management strategy», «mission», «tactic». Also it has been defined by whom and when, for the first time, were applied these concepts. Very often the owner of the company holds development strategy in his head, sometimes it is also present in the minds of the company's top managers. And it often exists in a separated form. Sometimes a leader makes decisions based on intuition. Let's find out why the company needs a strategy: it matches the picture of the strategic business development of both the owner and his key staff. If there are a few business owners, the strategy helps to find a general idea of business development; the exists of strategy prioritize the development of business and its functioning; the Strategy of enterprise identifies those business areas in which it is necessary to invest, and which will give the greatest return; the enterprise strategy which is correctly written is the basis for droving up necessary procedures and descriptions of business processes in the company; it allows to delegate responsibility to lower levels of management; the strategy allows to make the effective organizational structure, and will not allow to inflate the secondary divisions; the company with the written strategy becomes more attractive on the market both for investors and for partners and also employees. Today dictates the necessary of such management which provides the adaptation of system to quickly changing environment. The Mission is the main purpose of the organization for which it has been created.The strategy has to consider that your forces and opportunities are good enough. The tactics is your opportunities or the main idea of your business which will move you on this road to the purpose. The strategy and tactics are interdependent. The choice of strategy determines the success or the failure of the whole business. At the same time, the strategy itself can not exist without tactics. It is an idealistic abstraction. Talking about the fundamental difference between the strategy and tactics is not absolutely correct, they need to be considered in the subordinate relationship. The tactics may also be the strategy for its subordinated tactics. Focusing on the development of new approaches to the effectiveness of the company due to several factors, namely, the emergence of competitive markets, the rapid and unpredictable changes in environmental factors, the development of information technology’s, increasing the awareness of market participants in the activities of the marketing strategy and the demands of their claims. The accounting of above-mentioned factors requires strategic approaches to the choice of market segments and activities related to it. Keywords: economics, management, business, strategy, tactics, mission.
Type: Text
Publication type: Стаття
Appears in Collections:Науковий вісник УжНУ Серія: Економіка. Випуск 1 (47) Том 1 - 2016

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