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Title: Розвиток інтернет-трейдингу в Україні: реалії та перспетиви сучасності
Other Titles: The development of internet trading in Ukraine: realities and perspectives of today
Authors: Жувагіна, І.О.
Філіпішина, Л.М.
Keywords: інтернет -технології, інтернет-трейдинг, фондовий ринок, ринок цінних паперів, фондова біржа, котирування, онлайн-брокер, інвестиції, інвестор-трейдер
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Видавництво УжНУ "Говерла"
Citation: Жувагіна, І. О. Розвиток інтернет-трейдингу в Україні: реалії та перспективи сучасності [Текст] / І. О. Жувагіна, Л. М. Філіпішина // Науковий вісник Ужгородського університету : Серія: Економіка / редкол.: В.П. Мікловда (гол. ред.), В.І. Ярема , Н.Н. Пойда-Носик та інші. – Ужгород: Видавництво УжНУ «Говерла», 2016. – Вип. 1(47). Том 1. – С. 359–362. – Бібліогр.: с. 362 (5 назв).
Series/Report no.: Економіка;
Abstract: У науковій статті розгляну то основопо ложні етапи становле ння та розвитку електрон них торговел ьних систем на фондовом у ринку країни. Визначен а сутність та представ лена класифік ація Інтернет -трейдингу за основним и економіч ними елемента ми. Запропон ований алгоритм проведен ня торгів цінними паперами через систему Інтернет -трейдингу. Окреслен і основні переваги та недоліки інтернет – трейдинг у в сучасних умовах господар ювання. Проаналі зовано стан та перспект иви розвитку у напрямку Інтернет -трейдингу на фондовом у ринку України. Ключові слова: інтернет -технології, інтернет -трейдинг, фондовий ринок, ринок цінних паперів, фондова біржа, котирува ння, онлайн-брокер, інвестиц ії, інвестор -трейдер.
The development of nternet and nternet technologies in recent years has taken on a swift and all-absorbing character. Due to Internet technologies the acquisition of securities is recognized in the whole world as the best way to invest spare capital being available to everyone without exception. In a matter of seconds you can form your investment portfolio and manage your assets efficiently with having all the necessary information (quotation, analysis, forecasts ) without the delay, at any point on the globe. The demand for interactive trade of stocks, options and futures contracts continues to grow every year. A growing number of banks and broker companies is developing a promising new direction of innovative activity – investment trading. Therefore, online trading (internet trading) is a way of access to trading on the stock exchange with the use of nternet as means of communication. In recent decades this type of trade has been widely spread around. nternet trading has appeared due to Ukrainian stock exchange" rather recently. This is because due to the all-round penetration of the Internet in the life of every human being, the access to trading on the stock exchange has become quite real for everyone. In modern conditions of economy many people are not familiar with the possibilities of Internet trading as means of investing and increasing one’s capital. However, at the current stage of development of our country this service has become the best alternative to bank deposits and the purchase of real estate for saving and increasing one’s personal capital. This means that now anyone can buy and sell shares while making profit which is nothing else but Internet trading. Trading in the net attracts its potentials investors above all by the outward simplicity of committing transactions and low tariffs for services of online brokers. Here, as well as in reality, the investor can use fully functional service, completely trusting in broker consultations or account service when all responsibility of making trade decisions is put on investor. The study of identified category aspects has allowed to systematize and represent the classification of basic economic elements of Internet trading. The article suggests to consider the main stages, the algorithm of performing which, calls for holding securities tenders via the system of Internet trading. In particular, the main advantages and disadvantages of Internet trading in modern economic conditions have been studied. The market of online trading of securities is developing in direct proportion to the development of nternet itself. It is not excluded that in the future the trading of securities will move completely to the Internet. urther investigations are planned in the direction of conditions of access to Internet trading of securities based on the algorithm trade of some operators of the market and the participants of “Ukrainian Stock Exchange”. Keywords: Internet technology, Internet trading, stock market, securities market, stock exchange, quotation, online broker, investments, investor - trader.
Type: Text
Publication type: Стаття
Appears in Collections:Науковий вісник УжНУ Серія: Економіка. Випуск 1 (47) Том 1 - 2016

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