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Title: Potential curves splitting in the two-Coulomb-centre problem with different charges
Authors: Гнатіч, Міхал
Хмара, Віктор Михайлович
Лазур, Володимир Юрійович
Keywords: квазікласичне наближення, метод ВКБ, два кулонівських центри, асимптотичні розв'язки
Issue Date: 1-May-2017
Publisher: Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences
Citation: Hnatic M., Khmara V., Lazur V. Reity O. // Proceedings of the 18th Small Triangle Meeting (October 16-19, 2016, Pticie, Slovakia). – Kosice. – 2017. – P. 61-70.
Abstract: The consistent scheme for obtaining quasiclassical (WKB) expansions for solutions of the quasiangular equation in the quantum mechanical two-Coulomb-centre problem is developed. In the framework of this scheme, the quasiclassical angular Coulomb spheroidal wave functions for large distances between the fixed positive charges (nuclei) are constructed for the under-barrier motion of the negative particle (electron). The quasiclassical expression for the exchange interaction \delta E of potential curves at the points of their quasicrossing is found.
Type: Text
Publication type: Стаття
ISBN: 978-80-8143-203-3
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