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Title: Institutional development of tourism in the post-communist countries of the central europe: the Visegrád Group and the countries of the Baltic region
Authors: Корсак, Роман Володимирович
Фуртій, Володимир
Попик, Мар'яна Михайлівна
Keywords: Visegrád Group (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic) and the countries of the Baltic region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Daugavpils
Citation: International economic relations and prospects for national development: contemporary challenges and sollutions: monograph. - Daugavpils,2018. - 368 р.
Series/Report no.: економіка, туризм;
Abstract: The countries of the Visegrád Group (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic) and the countries of the Baltic region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) – are the states that have successfully transited from the command to the regulated market economy and have become the members of the European Union. Analyzing the prospects of tourism development in these countries, it should be emphasized that the modern tourism – is the sphere of the economy and life of society that in different ways integrates practically all branches of the economy. This factor should become the main one in the formation of tourism as the industry whose priority development can positively influence the economic and social situation of the country as a whole, stimulate a number of important sectors of the economy and contribute to the strengthening of the positive image of the country.
Description: Exploration of the tourism development in these countries is relevant due to the fact that its establishment has occurred in the late 80’s – early 90’s of the twentieth century, after the states had gained their independence. This provides an opportunity to analyze comprehensively the levels and ways of development of tourism systems of these young independent countries of the European Union. Of course, their successful experience will be useful for the post-communist countries of Eastern Europe, in particular, for Ukraine.
Type: Text
Publication type: Монографія
ISSN: 978-9934-19-522-8
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