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Title: Study of Deep Subcritical Electronuclear Systems and Feasibility of Their Application for Energy Production and Radioactive Waste Trnsmutation
Authors: Adam, J.
E&T RAW Collaboration
Haysak, Ivan
Гайсак, Іван Іванович
Keywords: radioactive waste, transmutation, electronuclear power production, accelerator driven systems, hard neutron spectrum, relativistic nuclear technology, proton beams, deuteron beams
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna
Citation: Adam J. et al. ("E&T RAW" Collaboration) Study of Deep Subcritical Electronuclear Systems and Feasibility of Their Application for Energy Production. // E1-2010-61, Dubna: Communication of the Joint Institute fer Nuclear Research, 2010. 21p.
Series/Report no.: Communication of the Joint Institute fer Nuclear Research;E1-2010-61
Abstract: Physical substantiation for investigation of new schemes of electronuclear power production and transmutation of long-lived radioactive wastes based on nuclear relativistic technologies is presented. "E&T RAW" ("Energy and Transmutation of Radioactive Wastes") is aimed at the complex study of the interaction of relativistic beams of the Nuclotron-M with energies up to 10 GeV in quasi-inˇnite targets. Feasibility of application of natural/depleted uranium or thorium without the use of uranium-235, as well as utilization of spent fuel elements of atomic power plants is demonstrated based on analysis of results of known experiments, numerical, and theoretical works. The "E&T RAW" project will provide fundamentally new data and numerical methods necessary for the design of demonstration experimental-industrial setups based on the proposed scheme.
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Publication type: Стаття
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