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Title: Температурно-індуковані фазові переходи структур перовскітів: модель зв’язкової валентності
Other Titles: Temperature-induced phase transitions of perovskite structures: the bond valence model
Authors: Сідей, Василь Іванович
Keywords: structural chemistry, crystal chemistry, perovskites, phase transitions, bond valence model
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Publisher: ДВНЗ "Ужгородський національний університет"
Citation: Науковий вісник Ужгородського університету. Серія "Хімія". 2017, № 2 (38), С.11-13
Abstract: The qualitative crystallochemical model has been developed in order to explain temperature-induced phase transitions observed for a number of perovskite structures ABX3 and their relatives and derivatives. Due to quite different intrinsic bond valences, the A–X and B–X bonds in perovskite structures have substantially different thermal expansion rates; as a result, an increase of temperature leads to a preferential elongation of more labile A–X bonds. Hence, heating a perovskite structure at hand can lead to different critical ratios of A–X and B–X bond lengths, resulting in different perovskite structure types observed at higher temperatures. Additionally, a simplified empirical model has been developed for the relationship between the bond valence and the thermal expansion rate of chemical bonds.
Type: Text
Publication type: Стаття
ISSN: 2414-0260
Appears in Collections:Науковий вісник УжНУ Серія: Хімія Випуск 2(38) - 2017
Наукові публікації НДІ фізики і хімії твердого тіла

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