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Other Titles: Economy and Edukation of Ukraine: on the road to EU
Authors: Брітченко, Ігор Геннадійович
Britchenko, Igor
Cherniavska, Tetiana
Domyshche – Medyanik, Alla
Gavrylko, Petro
Halynska, Yuliia
Klyap, Mykhailo
Pidlypna, Radmila
Pidlypnyi, Yuriy
Sytnik, Inessa
Saienko, Vladimir
Keywords: management, marketing actual aspects
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Wydawnictwo i Drukarnia No a Sandec
Citation: I. Britchenko Economy and education of Ukraine: on the road to EU/ Britchenko Igor, Cherniavska Tetyana and other. - Polska, Nowy Sanch: Nowa Sandec, 2016. - 178 p.
Abstract: European integration is a civilized choice of Ukraine and one of the key demands of the Revolution of dignity. It occupies a special place in the system of foreign policy priorities of Ukraine. European integration for Ukraine is the way of economic modernization, overcoming of technological backwardness, attraction of foreign investments and new technologies, new jobs creation, increasing the competitiveness of domestic producers, access to world markets and particularly to the EU market. As an inalienable part of Europe, Ukraine is oriented on the socio-economic development model operating in leading European countries. The advantages of integration into the EU are related to the creation of reliable mechanisms for political and economic stability, democracy and security. Rapprochement with the EU is the guarantee, and the implementation of its requirements is a tool to build democratic institutions in the country. In addition, EU membership will open the way to the European Union common security collective structures, will ensure more effective coordination with the European countries, in particular in the field of export control. A moment comes in the European integration process of every country, when the foreign policy issues turn on a number of specific and highly complex internal policy objectives. For this reason, the presented monograph is concentrated on the disclosure of some main problems in the internal policy of Ukraine in achieving European integration level of development.
Description: The collective monograph consists of three major structural sections. The first section is devoted to management and marketing actual aspects solving. The second section reveals modern aspects of producing powers transformations and modern features of territory development. The authors of the third section dedicated their work to the problems of providing national security investigation. In the monograph scientists share their views as to the most difficult and most important stage that Ukraine experiences in its modern history. The publication is intended for a wide circle of readers. The authors will be grateful for comments and suggestions made and will consider them in their future work.
Type: Text
Publication type: Монографія
ISBN: 978-83-88421-84-6
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