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Title: Digital Preservation of Historical Heritage for Tourism development
Other Titles: Цифрове збереження історичної спадщини для розвитку туризму
Authors: Ничвид, Марія Романівна
Каблак, Наталія Іванівна
Рейтій, Олександр Костянтинович
Преподобний, Юрій
Keywords: digital photogrammetry, laser scanning, geodetic survey, 3D model
Issue Date: 14-Nov-2018
Publisher: PL-BY-YA 2014-2020 Center of European projects
Citation: Publication of the Scientific papers of the international scientific conference // Cross-border heritage as a basis of Polish-Belarusian-Ukrainian cooperation, Warsaw, 2018, p.179-198
Abstract: Digital photogrammetry combined with laser scanning is currently the accepted method of collecting 3D-representations of the environment. These technologies are widely used to create high-quality 3D models of cultural and natural heritage sites. The article presents the results of laser scanning, aimed at creating a network of tourist objects as the basis of thematic routes and packages that combine the historical, cultural and natural heritage of cross-border area
Type: Text
Publication type: Стаття
ISBN: 978-98-64597-07-7
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