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Title: Plasmon radiation from a silver surface during ion bombardment
Authors: Pop, Stepan
Bandurin, Yuri
Belykh, Larissa
Mitropolsky, Igor
Issue Date: 1993
Publisher: Pergamon pres: Vacuum
Citation: Pop S., Bandurin Y., Belikh L., Mitropolsky I., ''Plasmon radiation from a silver surface during ion bombardment'', Pergamon pres: Vacuum, V 44, №9, 1993. - P. 941-942.
Series/Report no.: ;V 44
Abstract: Continuous spectra of plasmon radiation from a Ag surface bombarded by 15 keV H, He, O ions are investigated. The spectra in the region 200-600 nm are characterized by a broad maximum at 330-360 nm depending on the experimental conditions. It is shown that the position of the maximum is very sensitive to the presence of oxygen impurities introduced either by adsorption or by implantation. The maximum position is sensitive also to ion flux and the type of bombarding ions. This is suggested to be connected with a change in surface impurity concentration associated with a variation of ion beam parameters.
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Publication type: Стаття
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