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Title: Cross sections of nuclear isomers from the interaction of protons with the thin thorium target
Authors: Holomb, R.R.
Tari, S.A.
Katovsky, K.
Haysak, Ivan
Adam, J.
Brudanin, V.B.
Vespalec, R.
Vrzalova, J.
Zavorka, L.
Zeman, M.
Karaivanov, D.V.
Solnyshkin, A.A.
Philosophov, D.V.
Khushvaktov, J.
Tsupko-Sitnikov, V.M.
Гайсак, Іван Іванович
Keywords: Accelerator Driven Systems, transmutation, gamma spectrometry, nuclear fuel, Monte Carlo simulation, thorium, Synchrocyclotron, proton beam
Issue Date: Apr-2019
Publisher: EDP Sciences
Citation: R.R. Holomb, S.A. Tari, K. Katovsky, I. Haysak et al., Cross sections of nuclear isomers from the interaction of protons with the thin thorium target // EPJ Web of Conferences 204, 04006 (2019).
Series/Report no.: Baldin ISHEPP XXIV;
Abstract: The paper shows the results of experimental gamma spectra obtained with a thorium 232Th target and an aluminum collector irradiated at the JINR Synchrocyclotron with the internal beam of energies of 100 and 600 MeV. For 232Th there were identified 258 and 222 gamma lines that belong to 45 and 55 nuclides, respectively. For Al - 238, 330 lines and 81, 119 nuclides, respectively. The cross sections of fragmentation of the 232Th and Al nuclei under the interaction with protons 100 and 600 MeV was determined. A comparison of the obtained cross sections of the reaction with theoretical calculations was performed.
Type: Text
Publication type: Стаття
ISSN: 2100-014X
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