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Title: Самооцінка стану здоров’я населення сільської місцевості
Authors: Гржибовський, Ярослав Леонідович
Миронюк, Іван Святославович
Любінець, Олег Володимирович
Keywords: self-assessment, health, rural, survey
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: VPS - SLOVAKIA, spol. s r.o.,
Citation: Гржибовський Я.Л. Самооцінка стану здоров’я населення сільської місцевості / Я.Л. Гржибовський, І.С. Миронюк, О.В. Любінець// Intermedical Jornal. – 2019. - № І (13). – С. 21-28.
Abstract: The aim of the study was to study and analyze the results of a comprehensive study on the self-evaluating of health by rural residents. It was determined that villagers rated their health as "good" and "rather good" in 65.82 ± 3.77% of cases. The consideration of the vital activity of this population, calculated by the questionnaire SF-36, was as much as 47.4051, which indicates the average quality of life. Residents' self-evaluation by their daily work abilities showed that the female population (69,33 ± 5,32%, р≤0,01), people aged over 40 years old (56,25 ± 7,16%, р≤0,01) , with a secondary special education (20.88 ± 3.26%; p≥0.05) who were single or not married (29.11 ± 3.61%; р≤0.01) - most commonly indicate "more or less" (relatively) about the availability of such opportunities.
Type: Text
Publication type: Стаття
ISSN: 1339-10021P
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