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Title: Schottky-like phase transition in the fission of atomic nuclei: 235U
Authors: Лавер, Олександр Георгійович
Keywords: Fission, Nuclear matter
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: PHYSICAL REVIEW C. 98
Citation: Schottky-like phase transition in the fission of atomic nuclei: 235 U V. T. Maslyuk, O. O. Parlag, M. I. Romanyuk, O. I. Lendyel, T. J. Marinetc, O. G. Laver, and I. F. Povkhan Phys. Rev. C 98, 064608
Series/Report no.: C. 98 064608 (2018);
Abstract: The physics of fission and the features of the fission fragment yields—symmetric or asymmetric shapes for different atomic nuclei and their energies of excitation or temperatures T -are among the “popular puzzles” of nuclear physics. Explanation of these features requires understanding both the nature of the interaction between the nucleons and the thermodynamics of nuclear matter transformations. The new statistical method for investigation of the ordering of the postscission ensemble of fission fragments is also essential
Description: Results: We have found anomalies of the thermodynamic functions of the ensemble of fragments of fission of 235U in the temperature range when the shape of the yields of fragment fission changes from asymmetric to symmetric. In particular, the peaklike form of the heat capacity C(T ) indicates a Schottky-like phase transition. We also point out the experimental possibility of observing such a phase transition within the nuclear temperature range of 1–2 MeV. Conclusions: This article shows that a new Schottky-like phase transition can be observed under nuclear fission. It differs from known phase-type transformations under nuclear fission, which have been intensively investigated lately and may be due to fundamental factors such as loss of statistical nonequivalence or the identity of nucleons in different fission fragments.
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