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Authors: Чубірко, Ксенія Іванівна
Горленко, Олеся Михайлівна
Бенца, Тетяна Іванівна
Дербак, Марія Антонівна
Томей, Адріан Іванович
Коссей, Габріелла Барнабашівна
Пушкаш, Любов Юріївна
Брич, Валерія Володимирівна
Пушкаш, Іван Іванович
Keywords: chronic pancreatitis, arterial hypertension, course
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: ALUNA Publishing House
Abstract: ABSTRACT The aim:To study the clinical course of chronic pancreatitis (CP) in patients with concomitant hypertension. Materials and methods: A thorough analysis of the results of subjective and clinical and laboratory examinations of 102 patients with CP , who were hospitalized in the therapeutic department of Khust district hospital during 2017-2018 was conducted. Results: Takingintoaccount that the initial examination of patients was carried out during the period of exacerbation of the disease, all patients presentedwith pain syndrome (100%).The overwhelming majority of patients identified pain as permanent aching discomfort in the abdominal cavity with periodic intensification (n = 41 (40,2%), 18 patients indicated burning pain (17,6%), 30 – cutting (29,4%) ), and 13 (12,7%) experienced pain of varying nature.due to the presence of hypertension (GC) 73 (71.6%) patients complained of a headache of a paroxysmal periodic pulsating character, which was most often localized in the occipital-frontal area and was accompanied by dizziness, “flickering of flies” before the eyes, noise in the ears. Also, 14 (13,7%) patients had shortness of breath at moderate physical exercise, lower extremity edema that appeared in the afternoon and disappeared by the morning.In addition, 33 (32,4%) surveyed patients indicated a periodic heartbeat.In 18 (17,7%) patients sporadic dizziness was observed. The level of blood pressure (BP), which was established in the studied patients, corresponded to arterial hypertension of grade 1-2 (154,15 ± 9,24 / 94,53 ± 9,05 mm Hg). In terms of heart rate (HR) in the examined patients, it was 80.26 ± 10.73 beats per minute. Conclusions: According to the study, the negative impact of concomitant hypertension on the clinical course of chronic pancreatitis was established, namely: hypertension in most cases causes intensification of pain syndrome; pain syndrome in comorbid patients with cronic pancreatitis and arterial hypertension is accompanied by more pronounced manifestations of asthenisation: general weakness, lethargy;dependence of the duration of pain syndrome from the height of blood pressure and the duration of arterial hypertension was found; dyspepsia syndrome is more pronounced, varied and prolonged in patients with high blood pressure; smoking (37,3%), alcohol (19,6%), psychoemotional overload (6,9%) are common etiologic factors in comorbid patients with chronic pancreatitis and arterial hypertension; BMI results indicate the dominance of excess body mass in most comorbid patients with chronic pancreatitis and arterial hypertension
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