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Title: Третья Украинская Республика: между президенциализмом и семипрезиденциализмом.
Other Titles: Third Ukrainian republic: between presidentialism and semirpresidentialism
Authors: Савчин, Михайло Васильович
Keywords: конституціоналізм, обмежене правління, парламентаризм, права людини, президенціалізм, семіпрезиденціалізм
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Publisher: Київ: Юрінком Інтер
Citation: Савчин М. (2020) Третья Украинская Республика: между президенциализмом и семипрезиденциализмом. Studia politilogyczne. 56, 36-84
Abstract: The experience of the functioning of power in Ukraine since proclamation of the independence proves the tendency of a decrease in the concentration of power in the hands of the head of state. This tendency manifests itself behind the principle of the pendulum, starting with a hybrid of the elements of presidentialism and the hierarchy of the system of councils (soviet’s), ending with the system of premier-presidentialism. The article reveals the sources of Ukrainian statehood, the influence of the Russian factor on the state of the Ukrainian republic as a manifestation of postcolonialism and the fluctuations in the development of the Ukrainian republic from semi-presidentialism to parliamentarism. The methodological basis of the study is organic constitutionalism, based on institutions of limiting power and ensuring human rights, as well as an interdisciplinary approach.
Type: Text
Publication type: Стаття
ISSN: 640-8888
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