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Authors: Benchak, Olesia
Keywords: міждисциплінарні дослідження, системна методологія, соціологічний аналіз, кордони, транскордонні процеси, соціальні загрози, interdisciplinary research, system methodology, sociological analysis, transborder processes, borders, social threats
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: ДВНЗ "УжНУ"
Citation: Benchak, O. Borders and transboundary processes: new trends of state-space distibution [Текст] / O. Benchak // Геополітика України: історія і сучасність : зб. наук. пр. / ред. кол.: І. В. Артьомов (голов. ред.) та ін. – Ужгород : ДВНЗ "УжНУ", 2019. – №Вип. 1 (22). – C. 87-102. – Bibliogr.: p. 99-102 (19 titles).
Abstract: States and borders are unstable both in terms of content and form. Therefore, there are no eternal powers, and there are no eternal borders. These postulates are true being confi rmed both by history and modernity. The so-called “hybrid wars” became an important element of the unprecedented exacerbation of the entire system of international relations. Massive information subversions distributing fake information were staged. Cyber att acks from abroad pose an increasing threat to the security of states. From time to time there are terrible terrorist att acks that are usually inspired by cross-border extremist organizations. The phenomenon of state-space demarcation and their associated phenomena is refl ected in two main, dichotomous concepts: borders and transborder processes. Due to the complexity of the research object the circle of scientists is more and more aware of the need to transfer theoretical and practical developments of the problems of borders and transborder processes to a qualitatively new level – from predominantly mono-scientifi c analysis to interdisciplinary research In this article through the prism of sociological analysis the essence and forms of existence of modern borders and transborder processes are revealed. Identifi ed the newest tendency towards «blurring», and even a complete leveling of the barrier function of borders, in connection with the transformation of the nature of cross-border activities. In this regard, the necessity of introducing into the scientifi c circle the concept of «interstate spatial phenomena» with its subsequent political and legal implementation. The author outlines the range of the most important theoretical, methodological and empirical problems of sociological analysis of borders and transborder processes in their newest form and presents their own vision of scientifi c and practical ways of solving these problems. Particular att ention is paid to the urgency of the issue of borders and their delineation for Ukraine, which faced today the task of restoring its territorial integrity and control abroad in the East. There were also serious problems in the West, in relations between Ukraine, Poland and Hungary.
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