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Authors: Buletsa, Sibilla
Keywords: healthcare; patient; doctor; medicine; reforms; computer.
Issue Date: Feb-2020
Publisher: ТОВ РІК-У
Citation: Buletsa Sibilla. Place of information technology in the performance of medicl activities. Конституційно-правові академічні студії. Ужгород. 2020. №2. С.13-25
Abstract: The state’s policy is to integrate information systems into a single information space within the electronic health care system. The state plans and coordinates information systems that are implemented at the expense of the state or local budgets in order to rationalize the use of available resources and to avoid duplication of information systems functionality. With regard to information systems implemented through private funds, the function of the state is to build infrastructure (standardization, certification, market surveillance) for quality management in the market. The state provides single entry of information and its further processing in many information systems, storage of basic patient information within the central component of the WHO, and expanded information (eg data in clinical registers) in decentralized specialized information systems.
Description: Thus, with the advancement of information technology, the growing share of medical research that relies on mathematical (computer) modelling has become commonplace in clinical practice, making it clear that IT capabilities are becoming a major contributor to medicine and health care. To date, many serious studies and projects are being implemented in the world to implement IT in the medical field. Due to medical reform, continuous computerization necessitated the need for medical staff to have computer skills. Today, in the medical field, services such as electronic medical record, electronic prescription, electronic referral, etc. are included in daily life. Electronic automated preparation of appointments, prescriptions, statements, hospital letters and other standardized documents for patients. In particular, there are automated databases of medical, pharmaceutical and scientific-pedagogical staff of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
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ISSN: 2663-5399 (PRINT)
2663-5402 (ONLINE)
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