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Title: The right to clone: some aspects of the contemporary discourse
Other Titles: Право на клонування: деякі аспекти сучасного дискурсу
Authors: Потапчук, Анатолій Мефодійович
Попович, Терезія Петрівна
Костенко, Євген Якович
Бариська, Яна Олександрівна
Левкулич, Василь Васильович
Keywords: the right to clone, human rights of the fourth generation, therapeutic cloning, reproductive cloning, клонування, право на клонування, терапевтичне клонування, репродуктивне клонування
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Aluna
Citation: Potapchuk A., Popovych T., Kostenko Y., Baryska Y., Levkulych V. The right to clone: some aspects of the contemporary discourse. Wiadomości Lekarskie 2020, tom LXXIII, nr 3. S. 597-602.
Abstract: The aim: The paper aims to analyze some aspects of the contemporary discourse which concern the determination of the content and specificity of the right to clone. It also outlines the main trends in the development of legal regulation of cloning within international and national law and order. Materials and methods: Methodologically, this work is based on the system of methods, scientific approaches, techniques and principles with the help of which the realization of the research aim is carried out. There have been applied universal, general scientific and special legal methods. Conclusions: Regarding the findings of the study it is necessary to note the following. First, if there is a shared negative vision of the feasibility of reproductive cloning in general, which is enshrined in international and national legislation, the need for therapeutic cloning remains an unresolved issue. Secondly, medicine advances and accordingly sees new perspectives and innovative developments in the field of therapeutic activity, in particular, related to the results of therapeutic cloning, which can help in the fight against incurable diseases. Hence, there is the necessity of further research aimed at the improvement of the existing mechanisms for implementing therapeutic cloning, and determining its limits and procedural aspects.
Type: Text
Publication type: Стаття
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