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Title: Pandemic Economic Crisis: Changes and New Challenges to Society: scientific monograph
Other Titles: Pandemic Economic Crisis: Changes and New Challenges to Society: scientific monograph
Authors: Шелевер, Наталія Василівна
Britchenko, Igor
Doronina, Iryna
Bezpartochnyi, Maksym та інші
Keywords: Pandemic Economic Crisis, Economic Crisis, Global pandemic economic crisis, strategy, logistics market trends, financial ensuring, dual education, financial statements, Ensuring, Virtual organizations, economic behaviour, Covid-19 pandemic, digital marketing, globalization, regional tourist model, public finance, budgetary regulation, “Green” economy
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Sofia: VUZF Publishing House “St. Grigorii Bogoslov”
Citation: Pandemic Economic Crisis: Changes and New Challenges to Society: scientific monograph/edited by M. Bezpartochnyi//VUZF University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship. Sofia: VUZF Publishing House “St. Grigorii Bogoslov”, 2020. 313 p.
Abstract: The current economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has created new changes and challenges for society, which has led to a deeper identification of pressing problems and to develop strategies and models for overcoming crises in various countries, industries and businesses. The formation and improvement of modern strategies and models of crisis management is impossible without optimizing the resources of economic entities, providing assistance at various levels of government to support priority sectors of the economy, finding additional sources of funding to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure the effective develop and implementation of modern strategies and models of crisis management it is necessary to have information about the state of economic entities, relevant commodity, raw materials, financial markets, explore the internal and external environment, determine the impact of risks on current activities business entities or industries. The effectiveness of crisis management strategies and models is determined by the ability of the management system to ensure the support of business activity of economic entities in the relevant market and to stimulate effective consumer demand. The purpose of writing this scientific monograph is to substantiate the theoretical and methodological foundations and to form and improve strategies and models of crisis management taking into account new changes and challenges for society related to the COVID-19 pandemic and declining business activity of economic entities. The object of the author’s research was the process of formation and improvement of crisis management strategies and models in the conditions of market imbalance and change of the external environment, reduction of activity volumes of economic entities, growth of budget expenditures to combat the COVID-19, formation of new forms of activities and penetration of information technology into various spheres of life to optimize the negative consequences of a pandemic. The subject of the study were socio-economic, organizational and institutional processes of formation and effective implementation of strategies and models of crisis management in various areas of economic activity; substantiation of mechanisms for ensuring the competitiveness of economic entities and the formation new forms of entrepreneurship; development of modern information technologies; consideration of best practices in business process management and digitalization using world experience in various sectors of the economy caused by the COVID-19.
Type: Text
Publication type: Монографія
ISBN: 978-954-8590-92-1
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