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Title: Legal mechanisms to ensure the activities of economic entities
Authors: Шелевер, Наталія Василівна
Gołowkin-Hudała, Magdalena
Wilk, Aleksandra
Mączyński, Piotr, M.A.
Płaszowska, Renata, M.A. та інші
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: ISMA University, Riga (Latvia)
Citation: Legal mechanisms to ensure the activities of economic entities: collective monograph / ISMA University. Riga, 2016. 192 p.
Abstract: Authors of study within the framework of monograph come to conclusion about the need to improve legal mechanisms functioning of economic entities with respect to accounting policies, tax optimization, restructuring accounts payable, use of land resources. Authors identified the most important factors that hinder the implementation of European and international legislation on the protection of consumers' rights, activities of state bodies, implementing decisions of courts, public procurement system. Research results are also considering the problems of right to acquire a nationality, activity of local self-government of territorial units, resolution of international conflicts. Results obtained during the research can be used in criminal justice system with respect in process to protect the interests of economic entities, detention of suspects, investigation of criminal cases in some countries. Results can be used by students and young scientists on legal regulation of activity of business entities, improve the current legal framework, implementation of European and international legislation, effective functioning of judicial system.
Type: Text
Publication type: Монографія
ISSN: 1822-8658
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