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Title: Boundary-layer method in the theory of tunnel ionization of an atom by constant uniform electric field
Authors: Рейтій, Олександр Костянтинович
Рейтій, Владислав Костянтинович
Лазур, Володимир Юрійович
Keywords: Тунельна іонізація атомів, метод ВКБ, рівняння Дірака, ефект Штарка, метод примежевого шару
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Інститут експериментальний фізики Словацької академії наук
Citation: Reity O.K., Reity V.K., Lazur V.Yu. Boundary-layer method in the theory of tunnel ionization of an atom by constant uniform electric field // Proceedings of the 15th Small Triangle Meeting (October 27-30, 2013, Stará Lesná, Slovakia). – Stará Lesná. – 2013. – P. 126-135.
Abstract: Within the paraxial Fock-Leontovich approximation the three-dimensional version of the WKB method is developed for the Schrodinger equation with an arbitrary axially symmetrical potential of barrier type which does not permit the complete separation of variables. By means of the elaborated recurrent scheme of WKB expansions the wave functions in the problem of an atom in a constant uniform electric field are constructed in the classically forbidden and allowed regions. This has allowed for the first time to calculate the first two terms of the asymptotic (at small intensity of electric field) behavior of probability of tunneling ionization of an arbitrary atom (not H-like one) in a constant uniform electric field, taking into account the centrifugal energy.
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Publication type: Стаття
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