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Title: Kárpátalja közlekedéslogisztikai helyzete
Authors: Prykhodko, Volodymyr
Bajor, Tibor
Приходько, Володимир Панасович
Keywords: Logistics, subcarpatian region, transportation
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Innovariant Kft., Szeged
Citation: Kárpátalja közlekedéslogisztikai helyzete, - A Virtuális Intezet Közép-Europa Kututására Közleményei- Szeged 2014. -Bajor Tibor, Prykhodko Volodymyr. Nyomda - Innovariant Kft., Szeged
Abstract: Transcarpathia was in the history always the most backward area of the country. The rail and road network in the XIX-XX century, in the time evolved, changes in practice has not been over the past 100 years.The uniform railway system has been broken into three dividedent in 1920 and this made it impossible to operate the Transcarpathian railway freight and passenger transport network. However, internationally in point of view, one of Europe's most important railway line passes through the area. The road network is in similar situation. Fundamental problem of Thranscarpathia Ukraine's capital, Kiev toward - Carpathians Mountains to - only acceptable quality transport built corridor. Other routes of significant traffic implementation is unsuited. Transport network condition is the biggest obstacle to, became the business relationships between the EU. Asia and Transcarpathia. The European transport corridor may improve of the area Transcarpathian's.
Type: Text
Publication type: Стаття
Книга, підручник
ISSN: 2064-437Х
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