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Title: Geotourism as a Way of Experiencing a Unique Destination
Authors: Кіш, Галина Вікторівна
Keywords: geotourism
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Technical University of Kosice, Institute of Geotourism
Citation: Kish G. Geotourism as a Way of Experiencing a Unique Destination / G. Kish // Geotourism and its implications: notes of INTЕRNATIONAL PHD CONFERENCE, 13-14 MARCH 2012: Technical University of Kosice, Institute of Geotourism. - Herl’any, 2012. – Р. 50 – 55.
Abstract: The article deals with the essence of the concept of geotourism, its basic principles and characteristic features, its object, subject and purpose. The author defines the main types of tourism that are based on the uniqueness of the territory and that form the basis of geotourism’s formation
Type: Text
Publication type: Тези до статті
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