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Title: PCSK9 concentrations in different stages of subclinical atherosclerosis and their relationship with inflammation
Authors: Tóth, Štefan
Olexa, Peter
Hertelyová, Zdenka
Kopolovets, Ivan
Berek, Péter
Filip, Vladimír
Chakravarty, Ryan
Široká, Monika
Pella, Dominik
Keywords: PCSK9, initiation, inflammation, atherosclerosis, plaque
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Open Chemistry
Series/Report no.: 1;18
Abstract: The aim of this study was to detect the concentrations of PCSK9 in various subclinical stages of atherosclerosis and to highlight its relationship with inflammation. One hundred and fifty-nine healthy patients were divided into three groups, based on the extent of atherosclerotic changes in the carotid artery: A group without identifiable atherosclerosis, cIMT>75‰ and an asymptomatic plaque group. The PCSK9 was measured by ELISA and hsCRP by the immunoturbidimetric method. Vascular changes were identified by a carotid ultrasound. PCSK9 was elevated, when comparing the healthy group with the cIMT>75‰ group; however, no significant increase was detected between cIMT>75‰ and the asymptomatic plaque group. A positive linear correlation of the PCSK9 concentration and atherosclerotic changes was found; however, after the re-analysis in each group, this correlation persisted only in the group with still normal values. Additionally, a significant linear correlation was found between the PCSK9 concentrations and lipid parameters. However, no significant association was found with hsCRP. PCSK9 was found to be elevated only in cIMT>75‰, but not in the later plaque stage. A linear correlation of PCSK9 values was detected only in the group with still reference values. Based on this fact, we assumed the direct linear role of PCSK9 in initiating atherosclerosis; however, in the later phases, the relationship, which highlights other risk factors such as inflammation, is not linear.
Type: Text
Publication type: Стаття
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