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Authors: Макарович, Вікторія Костянтинівна
Keywords: factoring; factoring company; compliance; compliance risks; compliance control
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Житомирський державний технологічний університет
Citation: Makarovych V.K. Complance as factoring business risk management: control aspects / V.K. Makarovych // Вісник ЖДТУ . Серія: Економічні науки. – №1(74), 2016 – Житомир:ЖДТУ. – 2016. – С. 24-30.
Abstract: Indetermination of modern economy conditions and the lack of theoretical knowledge gained by domestic scientists about risk in factoring business actualize the research concerning the methodology and technique of factoring companies’ risk management. The article examines compliance which is the technology innovative for Ukrainian market of factoring risk management technologies. It is etermined that the compliance is the risk management process directed to free will correspondence to state, international legislation as well as to the ethics standards accepted in the field of regulated legal relations and to the traditions of business circulation to sustain the necessary regulations and standards of market behaviour, and to consolidate the image of a factoring company. Compliance risks should be understood as the risks of missed profit or losses caused by the conflicts of interests and the discrepancy of employees’ actions to internal and external tandard documents. The attention is paid to the control over the compliance. The author singles out 3 kinds of the compliance control such as institutional, operational and the compliance control over the bservance of conducting business professional ethics regulations which are necessary for providing of efficient management of factoring business risks. The paper shows the organizing process of factoring business compliance control (by the devel opment of internal standard documents, a compliance program, the foundation of compliance control subdivision, monitoring of the risks) cause the choice, made by management entities of a factoring company, of the management methods of risks for their business. The development of new and improvement of existed forms of compliance control organizing process help atisfy users’ information needs and requests of the risk management factoring company epartment. The suggestions proposed create the grounds for the transformation and improvement of factoring companies’ risk management technology.
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